preparing for change... moving on

Change is a big thing in anyone's life especially when that change is becoming an adult. However we are keen to help you with that transition so don't be afraid to ask for help!

What is transition?
In healthcare the word ‘transition’ describes the process of preparing and moving on from children’s healthcare to adult healthcare.

This is a gradual process which gives you, your parents or carers and healthcare experts the time and opportunity to talk about your medical/ clinical needs as an adult, choose which adult hospital or services are best for you and make sure you are ready to make the move.

Why do I need to move on?
As you become a young adult, an adult service is the best place for you to get the care that is right for your needs. Papworth Hospital teams are specialists in adult services and therefore are the best.

The thought of moving to a new hospital and leaving the staff that you have grown to known over the years can be difficult but we know from experience that it is a good idea to think of this change as a sign that you are growing up and moving on with your life. Once you get used to the adult hospital, you should settle into your new routine and get to know the staff there.