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Will I be able to bring anyone with me to clinic?
Yes of course, lots of our patients bring their parents along and some bring a partner or a friend instead. It can be useful to have somebody else to help you remember the information that you are given.

Can people visit me or stay over when I am an inpatient?
Visitors are welcome on all of our wards, although you will need to ask about the visiting hours as these do vary. Visitors are not allowed to sleep over with you, but please talk to us if you are worried about this and we will help you to think through how to manage your concerns.

How can I tell new people about my health or that I have to come to Papworth (e.g. college, employers, new friends, potential partners)?
Telling new people about a health condition can feel difficult, and patients tell us that they don’t always know what to say. Some people feel worried about how others will react and whether they will be treated differently because they have a health condition or because they need to take time off to come for appointments or admissions. The problem with not telling people is that it can be difficult to get the support or understanding that you need if those around you don’t know what you are dealing with.

You might find that planning helps you to feel more confident about giving clear information. You could make a time to think it through (perhaps with a friend or parent to help) and decide who needs to know, when the best time is to tell them, what you will say, and what questions you think they might ask. Predicting how people will react is difficult but you may find it helpful to think through different scenarios and how you would manage these. You might also want to direct people to websites, leaflets or books that explain your health condition in detail and you could ask your team for suggestions of good ones.

Your team may also be able to help you think about how to tell people, or how to deal with difficult responses, so do let us know if you are struggling with this.

How do I manage my treatments alongside everything else in my life?
We know that getting the balance between focussing on your health, and focussing on the other parts of your life can be tricky. We often work with patients to help them to think about the possible ways to achieve this, and we find that different strategies work for different people. Sometimes we help people to think about practical strategies that may make taking medication, or doing physiotherapy, easier. For example it may be helpful to plan ways of reminding or motivating yourself to do what needs to be done, or sometimes we may be able to suggest a slightly different regime that would be more suited to your lifestyle. At other times it is important to think about changes you can make in other parts of your life. For example some patients have asked for a private space to do treatments at college or work, or have altered their timetables to fit better with the demands of their health condition. It might also be helpful to think about the support you have in place, and whether there is other support available. We would strongly encourage you to talk to us if you are struggling to manage your treatments so that we can work with you to plan the best way forward.

We know that there are lots of other issues that might be on your mind for example moving house, family planning...... Please let us know if you would like to discuss any of these, or have any other concerns. We hope that we will be able to provide you with the information you need or direct you to somebody who could help.