becoming independent... moving on

Becoming independent sounds daunting but we you are not alone. There is plenty of support both at Papworth Hospital and around you.

When will I move on to adult care?
The time at which young people transition to adult services can vary depending on their needs. You will be given plenty of time to prepare for the move with dedicated sessions where you can meet some of our specialists to find out more about Papworth Hospital and the team who are going to be looking after you when your care transfers here.

What if I need a lot of help?
A major part of your transition to Papworth Hospital will be assessing your individual needs and tailoring your care around any assessments made. If you have any specific needs you please talk to your care team about them so that they can make the necessary arrangements to cater for your needs.
Don’t be afraid to ask as we are here to help in any way we can!