asking questions... moving on

Don't be afraid to ask! There is no such thing as a silly question.

What if I don’t understand what is said in clinic?
We will try and make information easy for you to understand but we appreciate that sometimes it can be confusing and difficult to remember everything. Please tell us if you are unsure about anything that is said in clinic. It can be useful to write things down during a clinic appointment to help you remember, and to write down any questions you have and bring them along to clinic to make sure you get the answers you need. Of course, you can always ring us in between clinic appointments if you have any questions.

What if I don’t know the answers to the questions that the doctors ask me?
Some of our new patients worry that they won’t remember everything about their condition or treatment, particularly if they are used to their parents doing this for them. We don’t expect people to remember everything, and we should have lots of information in the notes we get from your old hospital. It may be an opportunity for you to find out more about your condition or treatment so that you understand more about what we are working on together.

Who can I speak to if I feel worried about something?
You can speak to any member of the multi-disciplinary team about worries that you have, and they will either help you or direct you to the person who can. Your team will give you the number of the specialist nurses who you can call in between clinics or admissions if you have worries about your health or treatment. We like patients to tell us about anything they are unsure or worried about so that we can think about how we can support you in the best way possible.