How to be Involved in Research at Papworth

How much research is there at Papworth?

We  have a very active research programme at Papworth evaluating new ways of diagnosing and treating disease and new methods of delivery and organisation of care. This is why we ask all patients who come to Papworth to be aware of the research ethos of the hospital and to take some time to consider any requests to participate in our studies.

Why does Papworth have a research programme?

As a specialist centre we pride ourselves on the quality of care that we provide for our patients. Knowledge in health care is continually changing and we cannot afford to stand still if we are to maintain and improve these standards.

How can I be involved in a research study?

You may be asked to take part in one of our research studies, either while you are waiting to come into hospital, while you are in Papworth or after you have returned home. If so, you will be given detailed information about the study and time to decide; you will be under no obligation to participate.

Alternatively, please ask the medical team who are looking after you if there are any research studies which might be suitable for you.

What happens in a research study?

Click here to read our research guide

Would you like to be involved in designing research studies?

If you are interested in finding out being involved in designing research studies, either as a patient or as a member of the general public, please visit the Eastern Comprehensive Local Research Network website which is available by clicking here

Other useful resources you may wish to look at are:

The National Institute of Health Research has a web-page for  explaining involvement in clinical research, including downloadable leaflets on “Understanding Clinical Trials” and “Clinical Trials: what they are and what they are not”

The UK Clinical Trials Gateway - allows you to search for trials by health problem and geographical area

The healthtalkonline website  - includes a section in which clinical trials are explained and people who have taken part in trials describe their experiences

INVOLVE -  is a programme of the National Institute of Health Research that promotes public involvement in research in the NHS, public health and social care

The James Lind Alliance - brings patients and clinicians together in 'Working Partnerships' to identify and prioritise the unanswered questions that they agree are most important to ensure that those who fund health research are aware of what matters to patients and clinicians
People in Research - helps members of the public make contact with organisations that want to actively involve them in clinical research

Further information about how to be involved is here

Cambridge Bioresource

The Cambridge BioResource is a resource of thousands of volunteers, both with and without health problems, who are willing to be approached to participate in research studies investigating the links between genes, the environment, health and disease. If you are interested, please click here

Tissue Donations

If you are interested in finding out about research projects using tissue donations please click here.

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