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What  do we do?

We are able to provide you with advice and assistance with the following:

  • Sample Size Calculations
  • Identification of the most appropriate statistical test for your study
  • Assistance with the statistical requirements for funding applications
  • Assistance with statistical analysis (for some studies)


How to Contact Us

Please do contact us, we are here to provide a service.


When to Contact Us

  • Funding Applications: Please contact us as soon as possible allowing at least 7 working days for us to perform all of the required input.

  • Protocol Design: please contact us as early as possible in the design stage

  • Statistical Analysis: please contact us for advice about which studies we are able to support and when we can perform the statistical analysis for you.


What Information will we  require from you?

in order to perform the required statistical input for your research study and/or funding application we will need to know:

  1. The research question

  2. The aim of the study

  3. The principal outcome measure

  4. The study population

Training Courses here

An introduction to statistics is available by clicking here

Advanced information re  statistical design is available at the following Websites:

  1. R Project for Statistical Computing
  5. Institute for Digital Research & Education

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