Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a short selection of frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answers to your questions within our website please do contact us; we will be delighted to help.
Q. Is my project research, clinical audit or a service evaluation?
  • Research: is designed and conducted to generate new knowledge, it is hypothesis led & collects non-standard data.
  • Clinical Audit: asks the question 'Does this service reach a pre-determined (published) standard?'
  • Service Evaluation: Asks the question 'What standard does this service achieve?'
A useful decision tool is available at:
Q. Do I need to obtain approval from a Research Ethics Committee?
A. Research projects which involve patients and/or staff require a letter of no objection from a Research Ethics Committee. Please contact one of our Clinical Project Managers for more information and
Q. Do I need to obtain MHRA approval?
A. Research studies which are testing the efficacy of an unlicensed drug or a licensed drug in a new indication may require MHRA approval. For further information please contact one of our Clinical Project Managers and/or  MHRA
Q. I have an idea for a research project who do I need to contact for advice and assistance?
A. Please contact one of our Clinical Project Managers who will be able to discuss your idea and how to plan your project.
Q. What is the difference between a Funder and a Sponsor?
A.  Under the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care all clinical research conducted in the NHS must have a sponsor. The Sponsor has the legal responsibility for ensuring that the research study is conducted in accordance with the relevant research legislation and the requirements of the regulatory authorities e.g. Research Ethics Committee, Medicines for Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The Funder provides the funding to run the study.
Q. I have a question about Intellectual Property.
A. Please see our Intellectual Property page by clicking here
Q. Where can I find a glossary of terms explaining abbreviations, acronyms and terms?
A. A glossary is available here
Q. What are Research Costs, NHS Support Costs and Treatment Costs?
A. Further information about these three costs is in this document 
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