To find out what it means to work at Papworth, why not view our testimonials from nurses currently working at Papworth:

Sam Henman

Sam Henman

Length of time at Papworth: 20 years
Ward: Cystic Fibrosis Unit

Having started here as a newly qualified nurse 20 years ago I have had the opportunity to grow with the hospital. The hospital has a real community-feel to it - when you pick up the phone people know who you are and the focus is always the patient.

I work on the Cystic fibrosis Unit and have been here since it opened in 1998 and immediately knew it was for me. I have worked my way up to my current role as lead nurse in CF liaison, which means our team is at the end of the phone for our CF patients whenever they need help or advice.

 We are a really close-knit team here and work together – sharing our experiences as well as giving one another support.

This enables us to support our CF patients in their life goals.


Nikki Wills

Nikki Wills

Length of time at Papworth: 3 years
Ward: Higginson Ward

I qualified as a registered staff nurse over two years ago after Papworth Hospital supported me through my training. The support I have had throughout my learning has been brilliant with a mentor to assist me on the ward.

There is a lot of support when you are training as well as supervision – it makes the transition from being trained to qualified better.

I am so glad that I chose to come to Papworth not only because of the training opportunities but because I love my role within the thoracic department. Every day is different and there is never a dull moment.

It also makes a huge difference being part of such a great team on the Higginson Ward where I support patients through their whole journey from admission to surgery and post-op care.


Jayne Cousins

Jayne Cousins

Length of time at Papworth: 17 years
Ward: Cardiac Day Ward

I have worked at Papworth for 17 years, 10 years as a healthcare support worker and four years as a trained nurse.

I started working at Papworth in 1994 for the British Nursing Agency and have since qualified and went on to qualify as a trained nurse in 2009 with the support of my colleagues at Papworth Hospital.

I work in the Cardiac Day Ward caring for cardiac patients who have investigations or procedures for angina and arrhythmia symptoms.

We also prepare same day surgical patients who have been to pre admission clinic.

I love my job for many reasons including the team I work with, the patients I meet and I feel privileged to work in a world-renowned hospital.


Sara Graylen

Sara Graylen

Length of time at Papworth: 2.5 years
Ward: Critical Care

Working at Papworth Hospital has not only given me the opportunity to work at a renowned hospital but it has also allowed me to develop as a nurse within critical care. I've just been promoted to senior staff Nurse.

I came here as a newly qualified nurse two years ago after doing a lot of critical care in my training. I love the technicality of critical care and the thought processes that go into caring for each patient.

My responsibility involves caring for one to two patients at a time – no two are ever the same.

I like being put under pressure to make decisions in a fast-paced environment.

A patient can come in following cardiac surgery or a Pulmonary Endarterectomy (PEA). We provide the immediate post-operative care before they go to the ward.

A big part of our role is also trying to support the patients’ family where possible.

Papworth is a great place to work for support and training – there is plenty of room for development.


Emily Dagger

Emily Dagger

Length of time at Papworth: Less than a year
Ward: Hugh Fleming Ward

Preparing patients for cardiac procedures and surgery that can vary from having an angiogram to a major operation is a major part of my role within the Hugh Fleming Ward – though we do have post-surgery beds for our patients too.

Our patients come in and within a matter of an hour we have prepared them for their procedure.

My role is a lot more organised than roles I have had in the past outside of Papworth and although I only came here in May I have witnessed first-hand the variety of training opportunities open to nurses.