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Please find below a list of FAQs that may help explain any queries you may have regarding the new Papworth Hospital project.

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Why is there a need to relocate Papworth Hospital?

How will the hospital retain its high standards of organisation/administration?

How will the new hospital be funded?

Have alternatives to PFI been considered?

What if construction overruns, who will pay the costs incurred?

Will the number of beds be different in the new Papworth Hospital?

What is the current status of the planned move?

Patient environment

One of the things that makes Papworth special is the friendly atmosphere. This is apparent to staff, patients and visitors. How will this be preserved?

The tranquil, rural setting, including the duck pond, contributed to my recovery. Will that be recreated in the new location?

What type of accommodation will be provided for patients?

Accommodation & accessibility

Will it be possible to park on the new campus?

Will the road network be adequate to support the extra traffic and will people be able to access the site by public transport?

What accommodation will there be for relatives/carers at the new site? What will replace the affordable B&B's currently provided by the Papworth Everard residents?

Clinical services

What services will be provided in the new hospital?

Why did the Trust decide to have all single bedrooms on the wards?

Were medical staff involved in deciding these new ward layouts?

What effect will the changes have on the waiting times for consultation and treatment?

Patient and public involvement

How are we going to be kept informed?

How can I get involved?

The current site

Why are you still building on the current site when you are planning to move?

What will happen to the existing hospital site?

Managing the relocation

Will the relocation bring jobs to the local area?

In what ways will the new Papworth Hospital be separate from Addenbrooke's Hospital and in what ways will they join up?

Does this mean that Papworth Hospital will be merging with Addenbrooke's Hospital?

Updated 10 September 2014