welcome to new papworth hospital

Steeped in history, Papworth Hospital has been at the forefront of heart and lung medicine ever since it transformed from a Tuberculosis (TB) sanatorium in the 1950s.

Pioneering medicine and innovative surgical advances at Papworth Hospital have not only transformed the lives of patients but also helped shape cardiothoracic medicine internationally.

Each year we care for and treat 24,400 inpatient and day cases and nearly 73,600 outpatient cases, with patients travelling here from across the UK.

However, our current hospital is outdated, and to continue providing high quality care to our patients we are moving to a bespoke, purpose-built hospital on the world-class Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC).

The move to CBC will allow Papworth Hospital to work alongside some of the world’s leading healthcare companies and organisations including Cambridge University Hospitals, giving our patients immediate access to a range of services and also expanding opportunities in terms of research and education on which the treatments of tomorrow will be based.