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Training timetable

Descriptions of the content of each workshop can be found below the training timetable.

All Library training counts towards CPD hours for nursing revalidation.

Our training is available free of charge to all staff. Individual and small group training can be arranged, tailored to specific staff groups if required - please contact us to discuss your training needs. We can arrange training at a time to suit you if none of the timetabled sessions are convenient.

Please email papworth.library@nhs.net or call 01480 364245.

Please note: the information you provide on booking on this skills session is held on the KnowledgeShare system. The information will only be used for legitimate library processes which may involve other NHS libraries, and staff and students with an NHS OpenAthens account. Your consent to our holding this information, required by the data protection act, is assumed when you book on the session.

If you would like to book time to discuss some information needs with a librarian please click here.

All workshops are also available upon request at a time and date to suit you, as well as any other bespoke training. Please email us to discuss your training needs.


Workshop Date Time Places Book

Reflective Writing

Monday 30th April 12:00 - 12:30 3 Book
Critical Appraisal

Friday 11th May

11:00 - 12:30 3 Book
Citing and Referencing

Monday 14th May

14:00 - 15:00 2 Book
Literature Searching Skills

Friday 25th May

14:00 - 15:00 3 Book

June dates coming soon



Literature Searching Skills

An introduction to searching Medline, Embase, Cinahl and other databases effectively using the NHS search interface. This workshop will help you to search the health literature - essential for keeping updated in all aspects of health care.



This course is appropriate for people who have experience of searching bibliographic databases such as Medline, Embase and PubMed. EndNote Online enables you to organise references and images in a database, construct your paper with built-in manuscript templates and watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write.


Citing and Referencing

This course is appropriate for those who need an introduction to, or reminder of, how to cite and reference correctly. This training can be requested for Harvard, APA or Vancouver styles.



An introduction to, or reminder of, the resources available via NHS Athens, including a tour of the library's Knowledge Zone, suitable for those new to them or returning. These sessions can be held at a venue of your choosing, in groups or individually, and last under an hour. Please contact the library to arrange a session and mention if you would like to cover anything in particular.


Critical Appraisal

Introduction to, or reminder of, Critical Appraisal Skills. During the workshop you will learn about critical appraisal skills, why they are crucial to the workplace and gain practical experience by critically appraising a published article. This workshop can be requested for RCT, Qualitative, Systematic Reviews, or Clinical Rule.


UpToDate and Clinical Key

UpToDate is a searchable online information resource that synthesises the most recent healthcare information into verifiable, evidence-based recommendations. This workshop will help you to search the database and help support your point of care clinical decisions. UpToDate is also a useful tool for keeping updated in all aspects of health care.

Clinical Key is a search tool designed to provide answers to clinical questions. It includes journals, books, practice guidelines, patient education, drug information and MEDLINE citations and abstracts.

This session can cover one or both of UpToDate and Clinical Key as required. Training in other resources can take place during this session as well upon request.


Academic Writing

This workshop will help you to understand the principles of academic writing, be able to write in a formal style, understand how to plan and write an essay, and know how to overcome the difficulties involved with academic writing. This workshop can be tailored to various levels of study and educational backgrounds, so please indicate your course and level when booking if applicable.


Reflective Writing

This workshop is particularly aimed at those who need to produce reflections for revalidation (e.g. nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc.), but anyone is welcome, including those who need to write reflections as part of an academic course or those who are interested in how reflective practice can enable them to be a better practitioner! In this workshop, we will look at the basic principles of reflective writing and why it is useful, how to write reflectively, what the requirements are for reflections in revalidation for various roles, how to log CPD hours using UpToDate, and how the Library can support you in your revalidation.


Writing for Publication

This workshop will help you to understand the benefits of getting published, how to choose the right journal, the writing and publication process, as well as giving you tips for language and style and on managing your research profile.


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