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What is it? KnowledgeShare is our targeted current awareness service. Whenever we find high impact documents in your area, we will let you know. KnowledgeShare contains summarised evidence; you will not be inundated with primary research articles.

Why use it? We give you the latest high-level evidence in your field.

How does it work? Your KnowledgeShare profile is created to be as broad or as specific as you need. For example, you could receive everything published on cardiovascular diseases or limit to receive items related to delirium. N.B. Results will relate to conditions rather than interventions.       
*You must be a library member and have an NHS OpenAthens account to receive current awareness. Please register to join the library and register for OpenAthens if you have not already done so.

I understand and agree to my data being held in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) on the shared NHS library management system to which this library contributes. The Library's use of data guidelines are available to read here.