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December 2017 update

Please note that the library service currently has a severe shortage of staff and the library will be unstaffed on Wednesdays and Fridays in December.

Unfortunately, this will have a critical impact on the service we will be able to provide. Please see below for more information.

The library will be completing literature search requests and providing training as usual until the end of November, so please submit any requests well before the end of this month to ensure completion.

Core staffed hours in December
Monday 10:00-16:00
Tuesday 10:00-16:00
Wednesday Unstaffed, please use your card for access
Thursday 10:00-16:00
Friday Unstaffed, please use your card for access and email the library with any queries 

The Library may be temporarily unstaffed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays if the librarian is attending meetings. We recommend emailing ahead (papworth.library@nhs.net) to check availability if you need to speak to the librarian in person.

Library access
Library members can access the library at any time using their staff cards. To register for the library, please visit http://www.papworthhospital.nhs.uk/library/services/register-to-join/ or visit the library during staffed hours (please allow two working days for your membership to be activated).

Articles/ Document supply
Please first check if your articles are available through the library’s existing subscriptions by using My Journals link with your Athens login: https://journals.nice.org.uk/
Clinical Key also provides access to many journals and articles. You can search by article title or journal name, as well as browsing through journal content. Visit www.clinicalkey.com and log on with your Athens details (on the right hand side of the login page, not the username and password boxes)
If you require an Athens account or have forgotten your details, please visit https://openathens.nice.org.uk/ or contact the library during staffed hours

If you are unable to gain access to articles that you require for direct patient care, please continue to contact the library although our response times are likely to be slower than usual.

Literature searching
Please submit requests through the online form at http://www.papworthhospital.nhs.uk/library/services/request-a-literature-search/. Priority will be given to literature searches on direct patient care. Other requests will be fulfilled if the library has the capacity to do so.

There will be no scheduled training sessions in December. If you require training or have a query, please email the library. Please also look at the training materials on our website at www.papworthhospital.nhs.uk/library

It is recommended that you seek the support of your university library for any queries or training in December.

Phone calls
It is recommended that you contact the library via email (papworth.library@nhs.net) rather than calling as the library may be unstaffed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.