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Critical Appraisal Resources

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of research articles is required to determine the validity, reliability and applicability of the research to clinical practice. We offer a 1.5 hour free training session on Critical Appraisal to help get you started. A brief guide can be found here.

The following resources aim to assist in the process.

Critical Appraisal Checklists
There are lots of checklists around to help guide you through the process of assessing the quality of the evidence. N.B. Not all checklists have been developed with the purpose of appraising studies for systematic reviews, you may need to assess the checklist for suitability of use.

How to Read a Paper (BMJ series)
Glasgow University
SIGN Checklists

Critical Appraisal books in the Library:

Doctors Guide to Critical Appraisal  (W 20.5 GOS) How To Read a Paper (W 20.5 GRE) Understanding clinical papers (W 20.5 BOW)
The Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal (W 20.5 CRO) Clinical evidence made easy
(W 20.5 HAR )
Crash course: Evidence-based medicine: reading and writing medical papers  (W 20.5 KAU)

Critical Appraisal Databases

Useful Resources
What is critical appraisal?
What is EBM?
What are Systematic Reviews?
What are Meta-Analyses?
CEBM Study designs
CEBM levels of evidence