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Specialist Immunology Laboratory

Specialist areas: immunodeficiency and immunity in adults

The Papworth Clinical Immunology Service attracts regional, supra-regional and national referrals for the:

1. Diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency

  1. Classical antibody and cellular immunodeficiencies presenting with infections
  2. Immunodeficiencies presenting with autoimmune diseases
  3. Non-classical immunodeficiencies presenting with narrow spectrum of infection and or autoimmune disease
  4. National Ataxia Tellangiectasia service (adults)

2. Diagnosis of secondary immunodeficiency: in the context of

  1. Bone marrow/haematopoetic stem cell transplantation (BMT/HSCT)
  2. Leukaemias and lymphomas
  3. Cancer chemotherapy
  4. Immunosuppression of autoimmune disorders
  5. GUCH eg after surgery for congenital heart disease with incidental thymectomy

3. Immune monitoring using high-throughput multiplex assays of

  1. Immunosuppression including after heart, lung, heart-lung transplantation
  2. Immune reconstitution after BMT/HSCT or intensive chemotherapy
  3. Treatment with immunoglobulins, cytokines, eg IVIG, SCIG, IFNgamma
  4. Immunodeficiency

This service is supported by two consultant clinical immunologists who are available on site to discuss investigation of immunodeficiency and immunity in adults, and for clinical liaison. There is cross site working with Addenbrookes Clinical Immunology Service who provided the laboratory diagnostic service through a Service Level Agreement contract with Addenbrooke's Hospital (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).

Contact details: Consultant immunologist secretary on 01480 364117

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